How To Grow A Sea Bean:

Here are a few tips to help you:

Sea Beans are Hard Coated seeds and can't simply be planted. Some preparation must be done so the bean will have a fighting chance. The first step is to prepare the sea bean. Several resources such as will give you lots of information. If you order some beans and I will provide further details about what I do. I will also supply this guide upon request by e-mail. Just ask me.

The first step is to somehow "crack" the seed coat. Some will tell you to hit with a hammer. I tried that method, and all I ever accomplished is damage to the actual seed inside. Should you decide to use that method, be careful as not to damage the seed. After researching Hard Coat Seeds, I discovered that a better technique is one known as 'Scarification'. Basically, this involves sanding, filing, scratching or cutting through (CAREFULLY) the outer layer. Moisture must reach the seed inside so it can sprout.

After the sea bean is prepared, it is allowed to sprout. I put mine in a glass of fresh water for 24 hours, but some growers place the Sea Bean between moistened towels. After that, it is planted in good soil in a pot at a depth of 1-1/2 - 2 inches. Is this the best way? Well, it works for me. Try several at the same time. NOTE: Do not let the sea bean sit in the water for a long time or it can start to rot. On the other hand, after cracking and/or Scarification, I have simply planted the seed with some good results. So, try several ways and see what works best for you.

One final warning: Do not use dirt from the garden unless you know there are no other seeds waiting for their chance to grow. I once planted these and after what seemed like days, a shoot appeared and excitement began. Little did I know until later that my "Sea Bean" was actually an obnoxious weed of some kind. I learned the value of using good quality Potting Soil.

Eventually (hopefully) a little shoot will emerge from the soil. After that, feed it with any good liquid fertilizer. Follow the directions, however.

Continue to water and good luck.