How To Order:

Each package contains 5 Sea Beans and instructions to help you get started. Remember, these are Tropical Plants and most likely will not grow outdoors in your area. These particular seeds measure from 1-1/2" - 3" in (average) size. Please note that I will NOT SHIP OUT OF THE UNITED STATES. Not all countries will allow foreign plants, soil and plant materials to enter their country unless lots of paperwork is completed.

ATTENTION BEADERS: Please let me know if you want these for Jewelry use, and I will sort them out so you get the nicest looking seeds. Beachcombers who like these seeds prefer to find the best formed Heart Shapes. Note: these are natural seeds and I really can't guarantee absolutely perfectly formed heart shapes. I will do my best to fulfill specific requests. Please let me know.
Send me a message if you need more information. I can e-mail you out a really bad copy of my really poorly written guide at your request and no cost. Just put "Bean Info" or some such in the subject line.

PRICE: $6.00 Per Package of 10 + $1.25 s/h. Includes an informative little booklet. It will give you information about preparing and growing Sea Beans. BE AWARE: These can be difficult to grow and not always a complete success. But they do grow if you are lucky.

Send Checks or Money Orders to the following address:

1045 Nocturne Drive,
Salt Lake City, Utah 84116